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Jenny Grettve


Jenny is a Swedish architect based in Malmö. She works with interior design, urban planning and installations and product design. For NIKI she creates the ambiance and mood of our projects and she is a star when it comes to creating that unique mediterranean feeling.


Vicente Zaragoza


Vicente is the anchor of NIKI and can solve any architectural problem in seconds. He ran his own studio in Alicante for 10 years before moving to Scandinavia where he has been working in both Denmark and Sweden. Vicente is very strong in creating good plans and layouts but also has a great interest in sustainable eco constructions.



technical architect

Ana is the one who takes on all the technical questions regarding our projects. She has a great network in the building sector and planning department which makes her the key in our planning applications and building regulations services.



customer relations

If you call NIKI it is very likely that you will talk to Victor. He is our heart and soul and will guide you through out all of our processes.