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1-Free Initial Consultation

We always start with a no obligation meeting with you (usually at the site) to assess your design requirements and give you an idea of the costs involved. We will give you advice on the feasibility of your project and possibly discover any potential difficulties that may be experienced along the way. We may even suggest alternatives for your review.

Upon your request, we will then send you a formal written quotation detailing the work and the corresponding costs. At this stage we will also advise you of any extra third party expertise your project may require, for example a structural engineer.

If you feel happy about our offer we then move forward to design and drawings.

2-design and drawings

After the job agreement, a full measured survey of your property will be carried out. We will then design the space according to your brief and prepare the proposed plans and related drawings. Usually we send the first draft of the drawings to the client before finalising it so that any minor changes can be incorporated in the drawing before issuing it to the local authority.

Our planning drawings are prepared according to the planning guidelines of the local authority and contain everything that may be required for a particular project to be successfully passed.

For most cases the drawings comprise of:

  1. Existing and proposed floor plans

  2. Existing and proposed elevations

  3. Site location plan

  4. Sections as appropriate

3-planning applications

We then prepare the planning application forms and submit them to the council on your behalf. We will track your application and liaise with the local authority planning officer until we get the result of the application. Any drawing amendments required by the council during the application process will be done free of charge.

4-building regulation drawings & structural calculations

Depending on the project, building regulations are required once planning permission has been approved. After the planning stage is over and the permission granted, a set of drawings is produced, showing details according to the building regulation standards, primarily to ensure the safety and health for people in or around those buildings. These drawings may also cover areas like fire escape, energy conservation and access to buildings.

At NIKI we can prepare and submit the building regulation drawings and structural calculation report upon your request. The amount of details required depends on the type of project and we will make sure that all the necessary details are provided. Once the plans have been submitted, we will deal with all the necessary correspondence with the regulatory departments. 

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