niki coast


We believe that we have to enjoy and feel good in our lives. As architects we understand the importance of having a home that fits your life and we have made it our mission to help you realise that. By providing excellent service to our clients we help create your home along the Mediterranean coast. At NIKI we aim to understand your needs from the moment you reach out to us and we are extremely passionate about guiding you throughout the process and providing the best service.

Obtaining planning permission can be tricky and daunting for most house owners and especially in a new country. That is why we have created a comprehensive service to make the planning process simpler for the client.

With us you will never have to deal with hidden or vague charges, as we work with fixed fees to be clear and effective already from day one.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to talk to you!


“Realising your dream should be easy & fun”